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Why to Study Safety courses?

Safety Courses helps to churn out students into safety professionals of the corporate world; who can drive the country’s largest companies to comply with regulations, advocate for progressive environmental policies, and protect workers from unsafe conditions.

Innovative Pedagogy

Tabs to Supplement Classroom

American higher education department published a study report in 2015 which says- Technology based learning is more effective than classroom learning. When students use interactive apps for their studies they scored more marks and their level of understanding is also improved.

Mifse is introducing tablets for making learning process more effective. All students will get a 10” tab which will be loaded with learning videos of Fire technology & design, Construction Safety & Industrial Safety. These videos are recorded by our well known subject experts. It also contains subject wise materials as e-books and interactive question papers as apps.

3 Months Internship

Internship is a free on site job training given to a student by an organization. This will help students to get real knowledge about the subject which they have already studied. At the end of the internship all students should prepare a report on their internship and submit it to the institution. This will help students to get permanent employment with the organization where they undergone internship and also benefits companies to select experienced candidates instead of freshers.

`50,000 ACCIDENT INSURANCE for all students

Practical Training

Theory provides the basis of knowledge but incorporating practical skills will help students to learn better, understand the work condition and finally gain employment.

10 days of practical training will be given to each student at Mangalore. This practicals will start from January 2018. Practical training is the combination of theoretical knowledge and applying it in the real world.

Online Support

All students will get separate login Id’s and passwords. Using these unique passwords students can log on to and read online text books chapter by chapter and supplementary course materials. For better understanding explanatory videos also available. Finally they can attempt practice tests which will give instant results with right answers. Once they qualify in this test next chapter will open for reading. They can also submit the assignments online.

Bridge Course

One month bridge course which introduces safety subjects for freshers