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  • Adil Pasha

    I am Adil Pasha of MIFSE, have been offered good job in Shri Developers. I am currently working in site while attending classes on Sundays and I am very thankful to MIFSE.

What is Safety Course?

Safety is a general subject .It is linked with all fields of the world, be it Construction, Industrial, Marine, Aeronautical, Petrochemical or any other field. Safety is connected to the word “Prevention”. Safety officer’s job is to prevent accidents. Difference between the safety officer and the fire officer is that, “The safety officer has to act before the accident”, inside the company and with employees to safe guard or prevent accidents. But “The fire officer acts only after accidents or rescue operations are only after the accident”. Which is important? Of course, “Prevention is better than cure”. MIFSE offers Diploma and PG Diploma courses in Safety to make them prepare for safety field and to become safety professionals but not to become fire officers. Without knowing the safety concept, many institutions blindly offer fire and safety courses in India and provide fire related practical and drill training. But the real fact is, no student gets job in fire field or fire brigade.

MIFSE mainly focuses on theoretical Knowledge about safety. It includes all type of accidents. Each safety personnel should know how to act before accidents, preventive methods for which theoretical knowledge about all subjects, PPT presentation, First Aid Training, Site visits, Language skills, etc., are very important. He/she should be a very good observer, have good communication skills, safety related general knowledge, management, operation and designing skills are very important. Experience in Safety field should be his “first job”. He has to study the site or company’s nature of job to prevent accidents and to study this, he has to get into the practical job environment.

MIFSE focuses on all above matters to make them as experienced safety professionals. Till today, there is no proper awareness about safety. Many are hesitant to join just by thinking that it’s a fire brigade related job; but the real fact is Quiet different. Nowadays, trained safety professionals are highly in demand. “Plethora of job opportunity exists in large numbers for safety students”. An experienced safety candidate from a reputed institution can expect an immediate job opportunity and pay packages are anywhere between Rs.25000 to 40000 in India and around 2 to 4lakhs in abroad. MIFSE has created history by placing more than 8500 students till now. Our major placements are in Indian Oil Corporation, L &T, TATA Group, Shobha Developers, Indian Railways, SPCL and many more at abroad.


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