Diploma in Health, Safety, Environment

(Mysore University Course)

Major Subjects

        1st Semester

  • Health, Safety and Environment Management
  • Environmental Safety
  • Foundation to Fire Safety
  • Foundation to Construction Safety
  • Fire Extinguishing Systems
  • English Communication

    2nd Semester
  • Industrial Safety
  • Fire Safety Devices
  • Design & Installation
  • Construction Safety Management
  • Project Work

Practical Subjects Covered:


Day (Friday) (6hrs)

08:00-08:30 am

Assembly of students at practical ground/ Roll call/ Warming up exercise.


First aid  class.


Introduction to Confined space, Practical entry and rescuing from  

confined space./SCABA donning etc. Introduction of Gas testers/Welding procedures./Flash back arrestor.       




First aid class


Day  (7.30hrs)

08:00-08:30 am

Assembly of students at practical ground/ Roll call/ Warming up exercise.


Erection of safety nets.

Introduction to excavation, practical in shoring, sloping, benching and 

working inside the trench.

01.00- 02.00pm



Documentation-Work at height permit, excavation permit.

Documentation work of Carrying out Risk Assessment, incident     

reporting and accident reporting.

Documentation -Practical maintenance checks on portable extinguishers and recording observations.


Day  (7.30 hrs)


Entering a smoke filled area / rescuing people, entering tunnel        

like spaces, wearing SCABA .

Filling of Confined space entry permit, Hot work permit./ Imparting            

Orientation training to new employee.



Documentation-Carrying out auditing and submitting reports.

Introduction to electrical safety devices, AVO Meters, Circuit breakers etc.





Introduction to Fire detection & Alarm System, Practical operation

and evacuation.

Sounding of Siren ,carrying out mock drill of fire fighting.


Diploma in Health, Safety, Environment

The diploma program in HSE prepares you for a career in industries such as construction, oil and gas, manufacturing, and healthcare, where safety, health, and environmental concerns are of utmost importance. You can pursue roles such as HSE officer, HSE manager, environmental health and safety specialist, occupational health and safety specialist, and risk management specialist.

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