Diploma in HSE Engineer

The "Diploma in HSE Engineer course" imparts comprehensive knowledge in Health, Safety, and Environment management, covering areas from accident causation to disaster management.

The "Diploma in HSE Engineer course: HSE Management Systems" is a meticulously designed curriculum aimed at equipping students with an in-depth understanding of Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) challenges in the industrial sector. Covering a diverse range of topics, from accident causation theories, ergonomics, and chemical safety to risk management and sustainable development, the course ensures students gain the skills required to assess hazards, devise prevention strategies, and contribute effectively to the overall safety and well-being of workplace environments. Through this diploma, professionals can emerge as key players in ensuring industrial compliance and creating hazard-free environments. 


Unit-1: Accident Causation and Prevention: Introduction, Purpose . Meaning and Definition, Theories of Accident Causation - Heinrich Domino Theory, Axioms of Industrial Safety, Domino Theory, Hepburn’s Theory, Human Factors Theory, Epidemiological Theory, Combination Theory, Behaviroural based Theory, Failures and Accident Causation, Accident causation model or `Swiss cheese model`, Accident Prevention Measures. Basic philosophy and theories of accident occurrence and prevention, Five E’s (5 E’s) for Accident Prevention.


Unit -2: Accident Cost Evaluation:  Introduction, Consequences of Accidents and their Cost, Accident Cost Evaluation, Cost of Accidents, Iceberg Principle - Direct Costs, Indirect Costs. Computation of Accidents cost - Accidents cost to the Injured Person, Accidents cost to the Management, Accidents cost to the Society, Cost Compilation Procedure.


Unit-3: Housekeeping: Introduction, Meaning. Advantages, Profits,5S–Introduction, Advantages,  Roles of employees.


Unit-4: Ergonomics: Ergonomics - Introduction, meaning, Application, Objectives, safety program. Musculo-skeletal disorders (MSDs) - Signs and symptoms, engineering controls.


Unit-5: Industrial Psychology:   Introduction, Definition- Psychology, Industrial Psychology and Safety Psychology, Meaning and Concept, Aim and Scope of Industrial Psychology, Need for Industrial Psychology, Principles of Industrial Psychology, Main Factors of Industrial Psychology - Physical Factors, Human Factors. General Psychological Factors, Benefits of Industrial Psychology within the Workplace.

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Diploma in HSE Engineer

The diploma enhances professionals` ability to identify, prevent, and manage HSE risks, ensuring safer workplaces and compliance with regulations.

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